ACES Postal Matches

Wisconsin Air Pistol
& Ham Radio

 I have had multiple people ask me when the next Air Pistol Match will be.  Unfortunately I only have energy to run this once or maybe twice a year.

The GOOD NEWS is there is a way to compete with other air pistol shooters around the world from your home.

It is called a postal match.  It gets its name because they send you targets that you shoot and return.  They score them and post the results online.

The best known one is run by the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program).

It costs $8 and they run it four times a year!  They send you a neat poker chip each quarter.  The most recent one is pictured above.

The instructions to sign up can be frustrating and they are slow---but it IS worth trying!


1) Go to

2)Select the appropriate quarter

3)Click on the "Register yourself for the Aces Postal Match

4)You will have to register at:

5)After you register select 60 shot international pistol.  Fee is $8.  Pay online with a credit card.


7)HAVE FUN!!!!