I did not think there could every be anything new when it comes to pellet trays, but this is pretty slick.  The way it holds each pellet makes it as easy as it gets to pull out a pellet and load it.  You know I do not sell anything.  This product is really helpful and Tony's business email is:

Clarence Perkins was the top scorer and won the beautiful Brazen Sports watch

Our next Air Pistol match will be an outdoors match at GameFest 2019

in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

September 7th and 7th 

Update 03/15/2020

Bloomer Air 2020  has been cancelled due to Corona Virus:-(

Update 9/11/2019

There are a lot of good articles on how to improve your air pistol shooting by clicking on  Training Tips at the top of this page 

Update 3/10/2019

Already filled the first relay for Bloomer Air April 27th.  Interest in air pistol is exploding thanks to all of you!!!

Updated 9/10/2021

Update 3/30/2020

Even though I had to cancel our two matches, now is the time to read about airpistol techniques and dry fire.  As long as we are stuck in our homes, put a small dot on the wall and try to dry fire a 60 shot match

Update 03/15/2020

Eau Claire Air 2020 has been cancelled due  to Corona Virus--Sorry

Some pictures from our July Match

Update 9/1/2019

Good air pistol finals at Rio



Update 5/6/2019

Want get into 10 meter air pistol but do not want to spend hundreds on an air pistol?

Up until now I could not recommend any air pistol that cost under $300.    I have been  testing a Beeman model  2004.  They make  many air pistols, but the model 2004 could work for a new shooter.  The cost is under $40!  It has a decent trigger and a rifled barrel.  I was able to consistently score 80 (out of 100).  It is not well made and certainly would not hold up to heavy use, but to see if air pistol is right for you for under $40, it certainly is affordable.  It works for left-hand as well as right-hand shooters.  It is probably too hard to cock for young kids.  But children should have adult supervision when shooting; so the parent could cock the pistol for the child.


Bloomer Air 2018 made the national/international news!

Nice article  on our 2017 Air Pistol Match

Update 4/17/2019

Bloomer Air 2019 made it on WEAU News again!

Hope everyone can make the Bloomer Match April 27th!

Update 4/3/2019

​We are going to be a part of 
Wisconsin Gamefest September 7 & 8th at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds


Hopefully we will be able to introduce many new people to 10 meter Olympic Air Pistol

More details to follow

Update 7/20/2019

Had a heck of a windstorm.  So much for my air pistol range.  Had cables holding it down that were rated for 60 miles per hour.  It survived all the snow this winter.  Electronic target and electronic target returners do not hold up when they get two inches of rain on them.  What really was discouraging is I had a great target going when it blew over.  Although my last shot came as the range came apart.  Pretty sure I missed the target completely.  Oh well, time for a new hobby.

Update 9/16/2019

Tried a new and improved pellet tray--with great success

Pictures from our March 2nd Eau Claire Air Match

Pellet Tray designed and built by Tony Rich

Game Fest had over 9,000 people attend!  Next year Game Fest will will be expanded to a three day event.

Update 10/11/2019

Came across a video that talks about the history of 10 meter Olympic Air Pistol

Update 5/24/2017

I discovered an air gun club in Wisconsin in the south eastern part of the State in Bristol, WIsconsin


Update 4/28/2017

Added section on how to sign up for CMP's Aces Air Pistol Matches

Update 4/12/2017
Local Newspaper had a nice write up on our Air Pistol Match

Update 4/10/2017
We added a "Training Tips" page (link at the top right) that will take you to various educational air pistol videos/articles/websites that may help you learn and improve your air pistol technique

Update 4/8/17

Match is in the books. I think everyone had a good time.  We had a good showing from Novice and Women shooters as well.  Air Pistol interest is growing!

Update 4/6/2017

Fried chicken from Bloomer's own Main Street Café has been ordered for lunch on Saturday!--no extra charge for people entered in the air pistol match!

Update 4/5/2017

Awards back from engravers---they look really nice!

UPDATE 2/19/2017

Awards arrived!! Buck knives

UPDATE 1/13/17
Received the SIUS System!!!!

UPDATE  1/9/17
SIUS System is being shipped!

UPDATE  12/30/17

SIUS electronic target system has been ordered for the 10.9 contest!

Update 9/12/2019

Westgate Sportsmens Club indoor Bullseye and Air Pistol starts Sunday, October 27th and runs every Sunday until April from 6:00PM-8:00PM.

PIctures From Bloomer Air 2018

Update 5/23/2019

Early Notice
Sign up for September 7th and 8th Air Pistol Match at GameFest!!

Entry to air pistol match is FREE...but you need to sign up early to get a spot.  You can sign up for both Saturday and Sunday if you wish!

Update 9/21/2019

Found a new way to spread the 10 meter Olympic Air Pistol religion:-)

Some pictures from our summer 2018 matches

Update 1/30/2019

Banner for Eau Claire Air just came back from the printers.  Looking good.

Bloomer Air

April 27th, 2919

Hello Wisconsin Visits Bloomer Rod & Gun

Wisconsin Air Pistol
& Ham Radio

Update 12/23/2018  Two Matches!​​

Our first Eau Claire Air !

air pistol match at Westgate in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 

$10 includes fried chicken lunch

3rd annual  Bloomer Air

air pistol match at Bloomer Rod & Gun in Bloomer, Wisconsin

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

$10 includes fried chicken lunch

Update 11/23/2018

Looks like, in addition to Bloomer Air in late March/early April air pistol match, we will run an Eau Claire Air  air pistol match at Westgate Sportsman's Club sometime in late January or early February

Stay tuned....

Update 09/28/2018

People that have shot in any of our previous Bloomer Air events can now join our exclusing NetCompetitor postal match that will run from October through March

Update 09/16/2018

Great way to compete world-wide

Net Competitor

Update 4/23/2018

Bloomer Air made international news!

Update 4/2/2018

Bloomer Air 2018 is in the books.  Even though we had a snow storm the night before, attendnance was up with 34 entries from across the State and some friends from Minnesota as well.  Thank you to everyone who attended!

Update 3/30/2018

WEAU's Hello Wisconsin aired a segment on air pistol!

Update 3/21/2018

WEAU's Hello Wisconsin's  Courtney Everett and Tyler Mickelson   stopped by Bloomer Rod & Gun to tape an episode on 10 meter air pistols and our Bloomer Air match.  It will air Friday 30th!

Update 2/5/2018

If you have not signed up for CMP's Aces Postal Match you should

​Update 12/29/2017

​Added several more training tips articles.  Hope everyone is practicing for our March 31st Bloomer Air 2018 match.  

Merry Christmas!

UPDATE 12/6/2017

Kruger targets arrived.  Even CO2 pistols should be able to penetrate and leave a nice round hole:-)

Update 11/7/2017

Created a FaceBook page and tried running a FaceBook marketing campaign.  We shall see it it brings more people to this site.

Update 10/03/2017


Bloomer Air 2018 will be

Saturday, March 31st

Entry fee will remain $8

Update 9/4/2017

Added Video section and more training articles such as


Update 8/14/2017

Added links to some fantastic air pistol lessons from ASC e-learning.  Great stuff! 

Update 8/4/2017

Added a link to a great article on the history of competitive shooting in the United States (under Interesting Articles)

Udate 7/13/2017


​We have our first sponsor for 2018 Bloomer Air Match!

All I can say so far is some  winner will be walking away with an exceptional timepiece. 

Special thanks to Eddie Rimanelli, who is one of the key sponsors for USA Shooting and proud supporter of shooting disciplines

More details to come!